Profitable Medical Marketing

In such a rapidly evolving and unpredictable environment for the business of medicine, healthcare organizations need to constantly grow and gain market share or risk being marginalized.

Medical marketing for provider organizations means always attracting more new patients while retaining patient relationships and building “extreme loyalty” among patients and referring physicians. The quality of the patient experience with a medical practice or hospital directly impacts the reputation of the business.

The same high standard applies to the customer experience with medical device companies, medical software and EMR providers, medical supply companies and any other healthcare business that wants to achieve and maintain long-term success.

Marketing Growth

In today’s online world, customer satisfaction is not enough. Customer advocacy and endorsement, including powerful testimonials and positive online reviews, is essential for profitable growth.

Marketing Growth for successful healthcare businesses also requires new innovations, new products and profitable new services lines and revenue streams.

Lonnie Hirsch has consulted, developed strategy and guided clients on successful implementation of all Marketing Growth strategies below.

Marketing Categories

  • New product or technology introduction
  • New service introduction
  • Pricing strategy
  • Attracting new patients or customers
      • Brand or rebrand strategy (differentiating and compelling value proposition)
      • Online marketing and branding
      • Traditional media advertising
      • Positive publicity
      • Patient experience
      • Earning good word-of-mouth
      • Testimonials and positive online reviews
      • Growing and maintaining physical referrals
      • Effective communications
          • Phone skills for new customer conversion
          • Phone communications to create positive impressions
          • Provider training for patient compliance, adherence
          • Training billing personnel as customer service representatives
          • Building internal consensus and support for growth initiatives
  • Retaining patients or customers
  • Growing and nurturing physician referral relationships
  • Developing business with local employers